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Red Scooter Diaries

Directed by: Tiffany Dew and Claire Szabo-Cassella

Written by: Claire Szabo-Cassella

This documentary highlights one woman’s determination to rise above the challenges of a rare disease to live with purpose. As she adventures on her red scooter through stunning landscapes, the narration tells the story of what living with the progressive disease is teaching her and those around her about the human condition.

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Positive reviews are rolling in!

This was beautiful!!!!!! Wonderful!!! – Emily-Katherine Clayton

I cried my eyes out! This was amazing. You did a fantastic job. I am so proud to be a part of it. Thank you for advocating for the rest of us.❤️❤️ I am sharing this with everyone! Advocacy is key to finding a cure and this documentary is perfect. ❤️ – Tamara Rose Eva Cassman

Absolutely amazing, Claire. Thanks for sharing your story and the video. – Debbie Brozovich Eggleston

Oh wow, that is such an amazing documentary! Well done! 🌸 – Priscillia Kowalski

That was beautifully done! It was so great to see all you have accomplished. I had tears I won’t lie haha. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope this brings attention to our disease in finding a cure soon! – Kevin Douglas

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