Queen for a Day (with Muscular Dystrophy)

Whether you're dealing with the hardships of a bodily condition or the intrigues of an expanding empire, Catherine the Great was right: "If you feel unhappy, raise your self above unhappiness, and so act that your happiness may be independent of all eventualities." She never said, however, that maintained optimism in difficult circumstances was easy. … Continue reading Queen for a Day (with Muscular Dystrophy)

Rehabbing at Sante of North Scottsdale

Accidents happen, even red scooter accidents. In mid January, I fell off my zippy mobility scooter after taking a curbed curve too quickly and fractured my pelvis in three places. Ouch! After a brief hospital stay, I was transferred to Sante of North Scottsdale where I convalesed for over a month. What follows is a … Continue reading Rehabbing at Sante of North Scottsdale

Scootering the Row River Trail, Oregon

The unassuming city of Cottage Grove is the home of one of Oregon’s most gorgeous recreational multi-use trails, the Row River Trail. The paved, mostly flat path offers the perfect adventure: spectacular scenery, interesting history and great accessibility for mobility devices of all kinds. It’s a perennial day trip from Portland for my husband and … Continue reading Scootering the Row River Trail, Oregon

“Scooter Person” Jane Fonda

Karma? Serendipity? Call it what you will… I’ve only written to one celebrity in my life, Jane Fonda, and that was just a few months ago (read below). Then, last night at dinner in Ashland, Oregon I shook hands with her. Lovely lady. My post to Jane Fonda's website on embracing one’s inner “scooter person”: … Continue reading “Scooter Person” Jane Fonda

Where do we go from here?

 "To die will be an awfully big adventure." —Peter Pan She wouldn’t tell me why she was scared. She didn’t need to; I knew why: Nudgemamma ("Nudgie" for short), Hungarian for "grandma," was there to die, transition, pass on, kick the bucket, go off the grid, whatever you want to call not living in a … Continue reading Where do we go from here?

Accessible Bridges and Boardwalks, Portland, OR

After wintering in the desert, it was great to reacclimate to the luscious Pacific Northwest with one of our favorite ADA accessible outings, one we’ve done over a dozen times: rolling a section of the Springwater Corridor into and around downtown Portland’s riverfront. Scenic cityscapes peek through punctuated clearings of natural wetlands, making the journey … Continue reading Accessible Bridges and Boardwalks, Portland, OR

ADA Accessible Zion National Park

Of the twelve southwestern national parks encompassed within The Grand Circle, Zion is the jewel in the crown. Here are some tips to maximize accessible travel for people with disabilities. Get yourself an Access Pass (You can thank me later.) The national parks issue an Access Pass for US citizens with permanent disabilities. You can apply … Continue reading ADA Accessible Zion National Park

Heard Museum, Phoenix

A friend told us about Phoenix’s Heard Museum over dinner. Intrigued, my husband and I went the very next morning, and were so glad we did. She was right: The museum’s collection of traditional and contemporary American Indian art (mostly southwestern) is simply superb. Each exhibit oozes quality over quantity. Great accessibility From the perspective … Continue reading Heard Museum, Phoenix

Confessions of a Caregiver, Vol. 2, The One Constant

Hard goodbyes Claire and I returned to New Zealand at the beginning of 2014 to wrap things up. During our two-month stay, we finished selling our holdings, a process that entailed donating bag after bag of accumulated stuff, gifting books and equipment, all the necessary steps in letting go of living a decade Down Under. … Continue reading Confessions of a Caregiver, Vol. 2, The One Constant

Accessible Natural Marvels at Kartchner Caverns in Benson, AZ

The glorious wonders of Kartchner Caverns are accessible to everyone, including people who mobilize with a wheelchair, scooter or cane. People like me. I charged up my red power chair for spelunking into the unassuming Whetstone Mountains, and with the superb set up provided by the Arizona State Parks system navigated the depths of one … Continue reading Accessible Natural Marvels at Kartchner Caverns in Benson, AZ

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

Some places just get it, they make their venue as accessible to everyone as much as possible. Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden is one such place, a city treasure that my husband Lou and I discovered by chance on a bike/scooter ride through Papago Park one December day. On our two subsequent visits, we were not only … Continue reading Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix

Almost Dying for a Cure

They ferried us away in an unmarked van to avoid controversy, the driver reassuring us that crossing over the Mexican border was easiest at this 6 AM hour. One couple, a stylish woman and her equally stylish husband, had done this journey before. The older woman in the backseat, obviously a first timer like us, … Continue reading Almost Dying for a Cure

Confessions of a Caregiver, Vol. 1, First Comes Love

So, let’s start with who I am, and about Claire and myself. I’m Lou, Claire’s husband and life partner, AKA Mr. Turner, Mr. Tucker and Mr. Flip-it (the colorful caregiver monikers to be clarified at a later time). I am 75-years young with Claire being 53-years young. (That’s right, we’re the exact same ages as … Continue reading Confessions of a Caregiver, Vol. 1, First Comes Love

Palm Springs Visitors Center

You can tell a lot about a city by the way it greets visitors with disabilities. Palm Springs does a good job in this regard at its Visitors Information Center North. Even though you may have sorted your desert paradise accessible vacation online, it’s still worth a twirl to this iconic building (if only for … Continue reading Palm Springs Visitors Center

Astoria River Trail

Making Accessibility Happen Every city wants your business. Let them know what you need and want in order to make that business happen. Here's what I sent to: City of Astoria - Mayor and City Council To the City of Astoria: The Astoria River Trail is a gem. A bit bumpy in places, but definitely … Continue reading Astoria River Trail