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Shakespeare’s Yoga applies some of the Bard’s most famous quotes and passages to yoga practice—on and off the mat. With down-to-earth insights from her involvement in Shakespearean theatre and twenty years as a yoga practitioner, studio owner, and yoga teacher trainer, Claire Szabo-Cassella parallels Shakespeare’s inherent spiritual wisdom to the yamas, the five core yogic concepts in the art of right living. As a result, you realize “all the world’s a stage” for yoga practice.

Like Hamlet, asking ourselves the big questions—Who’s there? What if? Who am I? To be or not to be?—comes naturally when given the inspiration, time and space to do so. These same enquiries and more arise during our yoga practice: Who is breathing me? Where does the energy moving my body come from? Where do the images in my mind come from and go to? It is the answers to these questions that Shakespeare’s enlightened insights radically shift within us, raising our consciousness and our ability to heal ourselves, and our world.

What readers are saying about Shakespeare’s Yoga
Original, intelligent and a great book for the intellect and spiritual souls…

I loved Shakespeare’s Yoga!! I would definitely recommend it to anyone no matter how little you know about yoga or Shakespeare!(great way to learn about both subjects at once!).

It is such an original and a wonderful book of how Shakespeare’s writings and philosophies can parallel our own modern lives and our experiences and how to deal with everyday difficulties. It looks at Yoga spirituality as a way to help us find meaning, enlightenment and purpose the same way that Shakespeare’s plays used laughter, comedy, tragedy and sadness to help us reflect on the human weaknesses and strengths.

It’s definitely a book like no other!

                                                                                              – Raymond Achcar Winkels

Two thumbs up!

In writing Shakespeare’s Yoga, Claire Szabo-Cassella has accomplished the unique task of marrying the perennial wisdom reflected in Shakespeare’s plays and Patanjali’s sutras with wit and humor. Her writing style has a conversational ease that draws in the reader and educates as it entertains. She had me hooked with the first chapter. Anyone who finds Shakespeare obtuse and confusing will come away wanting to see or read his plays, while those who think of yoga as just another exercise program will develop a new appreciation for its roots and the wisdom of its philosophy.

                                                                                               – N. Lewis

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