Scootering Sedona’s Red Rock Scenic Byway (Arizona SR 179)

This is a spin for the bucket list! With breathtaking vistas of ancient sandstone formations flanked by scented junipers spiring into bright blue Arizona sky – some of the most photographed scenery in the world – this scooter ride is spectacular!

Getting There

From Phoenix, take the I-17 north, exit 298 onto SR-179 toward Sedona. Follow signs toward Oak Creek. Just past the Village of Oak Creek, you turn right into the parking lot for Bell Rock Vista. You’ll find ADA parking with ADA bathroom facilities nearby.

Ready, Set, Roll

Turn right out of the Bell Rock Vista parking lot onto SR-179. A wide and generous bike lane suitable for scooters takes you all the way into town. We recommend having a pickup vehicle on the other end of your spin, unless you’re into uphill riding on the return trip. My husband Lou and I veered into some side streets along the way where we saw fantastic architecture. Back on the byway, we ended our 6.11 mile ride at the Sacred Elements gift store’s large parking lot, because the closer you get to the city of Sedona, the more congested traffic becomes. We hope to make it an annual adventure.

Safety First

Although the Red Rock Scenic Byway has a well-marked bike lane and a good system of interconnected sidewalks, it’s always a good idea to light up your scooter or bike. I also use a bike flag and brightly colored clothing to maximize vehicular visibility. Be sure to pack water and snacks.

Beep, beep!

Many thanks to Kimberly Hutcherson, our photographer and pilot car driver.


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