“Scooter Person” Jane Fonda

Karma? Serendipity? Call it what you will…

I’ve only written to one celebrity in my life, Jane Fonda, and that was just a few months ago (read below). Then, last night at dinner in Ashland, Oregon I shook hands with her. Lovely lady.

Jane Fonda as Grace Hansen
Grace and Frankie, S:4, “The Hinge”

My post to Jane Fonda’s website on embracing one’s inner “scooter person”:

Dear Jane,

After watching the Grace & Frankie episode “The Hinge” (the one where Grace reluctantly admits she might be a “scooter person”), I am compelled to find a way to thank you for being you, for playing your character with so much courage, comedic sensibility, and compassion. I can relate to so much of what Grace is going through physically and mentally, especially when it comes to accepting the need for mobility scooter and a remarkable maiden voyage around a store. (I ran the cart into the front door, knocking the store door off the track. Impressive.)

I have always been grateful for your political voice. Thirty-something years ago, I was also aerobicizing to your fitness records (those round plastic music discs); over many years, enjoying your movies; and today, I am empathizing with your character Grace and your insightful blog in a very big way, especially when it comes to doing the best I can when “my strong muscles which have always been there for me have suddenly become a remarkable anomaly to people who hug me.” And, as Grace says to Barry on these car ride home, “It’s like my body is just slipping away. And it’s the fucking pits… One day it’s a hinge, the next day it’s the whole damn house.”

At 53, once quite active, now living with progressing FSH muscular dystrophy, my issues are similar but different. It is so comforting to know that I am not alone, that aging physical-emotional-social issues are presented on television, and done so very well on Grace and Frankie. I have also embraced my inner “scooter person” with my website \blog: www.redscooterdiaries.com.

I use social media to make recommendations on accessible travel, reflect on the inner journey, and broadcast access advocacy. Maybe Grace will join me?

Thanks for continuing to be a positive role model along the journey in so many ways, Jane.

Beep, beep.

img_0931Next episode

On September 22, 2018, my husband and I will see Lily Tomlin’s show in Portland. Apparently it’s Grace & Frankie month for us.


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