Scenic Urban Accessibility in Mesa and Tempe, AZ

The Rio Salado Pathway connects you to some of Mesa and Tempe’s most scenic urban landscapes. Colorful to say the least, this wheelchair/scooter accessible pathway offers plenty of visual surprises. I won’t give them all away, but I will say this: within an hour we marveled at everything from gray-blue cranes perched on the banks of the Salt River to architecturally beautiful buildings and bridges.

The trail itself is mostly flat, very smooth (especially well done where green striped asphalt and artful fencing line the pathway), and wheelchair/scooter accessible.

My husband and I found plenty of parking at Riverview Park (in Mesa), then hooked on the trail directly from the parking lot and turned left towards Tempe Town Lake.


The pathway is marked. As with most trails in the area though, it could use more wayfinding signage. We were there on a pretty Sunday afternoon where festivities and boating events blocked passage in points along the way. Despite a lack of detour signs, we figured it out. Eventually. (Thanks, TrailLink app.)

A public ADA accessible restroom can be found near Vela Luxury Apartments on the north bank. (Map)

Pack snacks and plenty of water.

Making Accessibility Happen

Every city wants your business. Let them know what you need, want and appreciate in order to make that business happen.

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Official Response:


Thank you so much for this email!  We’re so glad that you enjoyed your visit to Tempe Town Lake.

Elizabeth Higgins

Chief of Staff
City of Tempe | Mayor and Council
31 E. Fifth Street, 3rd floor | Tempe, AZ 85281

This was a really nice email thread to read.  Glad you have found an accessible, and accepting, place in Tempe.

Kolby Granville
Tempe City Council Member


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