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Making Accessibility Happen

Every city wants your business. Let them know what you need and want in order to make that business happen.

Here’s what I sent to:

City of Astoria – Mayor and City Council

To the City of Astoria:

The Astoria River Trail is a gem. A bit bumpy in places, but definitely worth the pathway’s hiccups (though I’m hoping that the city can do something about them, and a few other things).

As someone who rides the path on a shiny red mobility scooter, my husband along side me on his bike, we find reserved ADA parking at the Columbia River Maritime Museum and pick up the trail directly from there. We especially enjoy traveling towards the quaint residential area that flows east (to the right) from the parking lot. On several occasions, we have spotted seals barking in the inlet, and we always enjoy the natural beauty of the berry patches, flowing grasses and wildflowers, and, of course, the Columbia River majesty.


  1. At present, the Columbia River Maritime Museum graciously allows us to use their restroom facilities. We’ve also accessed the bathrooms in the historic packing facility, which are fine but could use some signage from the trail.
  2. See what you can do about improving the path, especially near the seawall and old railroad track intersections. It’s a bit precarious navigating the bumpy turns on a mobility scooter. Such improvements would also greatly benefit those in wheelchairs.

Thank you for your consideration in making the Astoria River Trail a continued draw for all visitors. A response is appreciated.

Claire Szabo-Cassella
Exploring the world of accessible travel

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Located just across the street from the Columbia River Maritime Museum you’ll find the old-timey Custard King. Bite into one of their bacon bleu cheese burgers and tell me that ain’t a slice of heaven?! The custard is pretty great, too.

Official Response from Cindy Price, Astoria City Councilor, Ward 3:

Hello Claire,

What a treat to read your letter and to learn that, for the most part, you love our Riverwalk. I hope you’ve been visiting since Friday or Saturday, when our weather turned chilly but bright.

The quaint residential area is called Alderbrook, and the seals are California sea lions. Loud territorial males only, who leave in spring to find a mate in Northern California before returning again. Some people love them, some people hate them! They’re part of the distinctive sound of Astoria, along with the trolley bell and the Fort George five o’clock steam whistle, the lap of the river when you’re on the Riverwalk, and the occasional toot of the Astoria Ferry. I love the fog, it brings out the ships’ horns, deep and resonant.

There’s been quite a bit of talk within the City Council and Staff about the need for additional signage, particularly for public restrooms and parking. It can be tough to keep the bumps out  of the Riverwalk, but we’ll take a look. We certainly want Astoria to be accessible for all.

Thank you for writing. Please visit often.

Cindy Price

Please note that the above response is from me and that I don’t speak for the City.
Cindy Price
Astoria City Councilor, Ward 3


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