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Every city wants your business. Let them know what you need and want in order to make that business happen.

Here’s what I sent to:

City of Scottsdale – Mayor and City Council
Scottsdale City Hall, 3939 N Drinkwater Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

City of Scottsdale,

Clean and scenic, indeed! And accessible.

As someone living with a disability, I would like to thank you for developing such a wonderful network of walking/bike paths that are just perfect for getting around on my red mobility scooter. Especially well-designed are the smooth, terra-cotta colored, gently curved paths, such as those lining N. Thompson Peak Parkway. My husband rides his bike alongside my scooter as we explore all the routes, including the Pima Road Trail and the Indian Bend Wash Trail so far. We are snowbirds, and with the choice of where to go this winter we chose to come back to Scottsdale specifically because of these impressive networks of trails. I can access them on my mobility scooter right from our neighborhood, giving me independence and the ability to shop locally.


More signage.

Thank heaven for whoever spray painted the blue arrows on the pathways. Without them, we would’ve been lost many a time. The north Scottsdale McDowell neighborhood with the Coyote Trail, Mule Deer Trail and Javelina Trail are the best (and most tastefully) marked. Super helpful signage.

If a path ends abruptly, install off ramps.
Mobility devices, wheelchairs, etc., including mine weighing 250 pounds, need a way to get to the next level path or street. (Again, signage would be helpful so I don’t go down a disconnected path to begin with, only to turn around and go the whole way back to find a continuous way through. Oi.)

Properly positioned street crossing indicator

Install street crossing indicators that are easy to press and are accessible from a seated position.
From the standpoint – no pun intended – of someone using a mobility device, this positioning is critical in making routes accessible to me when traveling alone.

Again, we are very impressed with Scottsdale’s dedication to encouraging outdoor living and a healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Claire Szabo-Cassella

Response from Scottsdale City Council:

Mrs. Szabo-Cassella,

I wanted to let you know I heard back from the staff in Transportation and they asked that I share the following information with you:

It will be some time before we add Wayfinding signage up north, but we can look at her requests to see what could be done.

I know the city is updating pedestrian push buttons with ADA compliant ones.

We can research her suggestion about connecting sidewalks where they end to the street.

I hope this information is helpful, please let me know if you have any questions.

Kelli Kuester

Management Assistant to the Mayor
3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ  85251
(480) 312-7977

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