Ruth Hardy Park

Of all the things there are to see and do in beautiful Palm Springs, Ruth Hardy Park is fabulous place to start spinning your mobility device wheels. When in town, my husband and I

Wellness station

go to the park almost daily, as do a copious number of dedicated dog walkers (more on that social phenomena in a moment). On an energetic day, we ride; on a not-so-energetic day, Lou pushes me in my transport chair, also red of course. Even if one of us started out in a cranky mood, our daily scoot in the park always uplifts us both.

Well-maintained, paved trails meander through the park’s various offerings, including wellness stations (many suitable for wheelchair users) that I use quite a bit. There’s also a labyrinth, playground and tennis courts–something for everyone. When my 12-year-old nephew visited recently, Ruth Hardy Park was his favorite family outing. Believe me, that says a lot!

But about these dog walkers…Robert, Wendy, Frank, we’ve come to know many of them on a first name basis. And then there’s their dogs, Annie, Groucho and Marx, etc. Although we do not have dogs ourselves, we enjoy getting off our smart phones and into some real face time with these friendly locals.

One aspect the city can improve upon is the park’s bathroom facilities. (And you know the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce heard from me: Read.) The facilities are in serious need of an ADA upgrade to include an ample-sized accessibility stall, and at least grab bars in one of the stalls until that fine day comes.

Located near downtown, Ruth Hardy Park stretches a quarter-mile block of the Movie Colony neighborhood with a glorious backdrop of the canyon walls.

Greater Roadrunner

Plenty of ADA parking.

Bird lovers: Be on the lookout for a Geococcyx californianus, (Greater Roadrunner). After weeks of looking, we spotted this one on Christmas morning at Ruth Hardy Park.




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