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Actively engaging with the world is essential for body and soul. Mine anyway. As someone living with FSH muscular dystrophy, getting out of the house, out of my head and into the world is as life-sustaining as breathing good, fresh air.

Here’s the rub: Mother Nature is a wonderful healer and teacher, but accessibility to her gifts is not always easy for those of us requiring mobility devices. Likewise, entertainment venues and restaurants offer uplifting social interaction but can also be discouraging when having to manipulate obstacle courses to entry.

What’s a woman with a charged and ready to roll red scooter to do? Why broadcast her experiences about accessible travel of course. Get heads turning and minds opening, including my own.

Red Scooter Diaries offers recommendations and reflections on accessibility to both indoor and outdoor adventure for the disabled. May my explorations inspire and grow public awareness of the innumerable benefits of accessible travel for all.

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